A Little About Me

It all started in September 2011, I decided I needed a change.  I was done having kids and wanted/needed to quit smoking and needed something to distract me, plus I had a few extra baby pounds hanging on that would be nice to get rid of... So I decided to Run... I always wanted to run, but I smoked off on most of my adult life, so running was pretty much out of the question... Since you have to breathe and all!

I convinced a friend who just had a baby and wanted to lose the weight to start the couch to 5k with me.  So we set off, walking and running for 30 seconds intervals at first and I honestly thought I was going to DIE!  But I didn't quit (which I usually do) even when my running buddy did.  Little did I know what God was doing inside me while I ran...  it took a drunken easter weekend and a trip to Kansas City for me to realize.

Easter 2012 was a Blur...  all I remember was I was pretty much drunk all weekend... realizing later that weekend is when I came to the end of myself and realized how depressed and jacked up I really was!  Kansas City brought a whole new level of brokeness as I stood before God and realized just how much I was loved and was completely forgiven.  I came home, newly energized and ready to start my new life. 

I knew someday that I would run a marathon, and only because Jesus gave me the strength and the gift to do so.  I am on my way...  and I plan on completing a marathon next year, but in the meantime, I am having a great time, running half-marathons and strengthing my relationship with God with every mile!

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