Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Training for a 5k

Tyson at the Lacamas Lake Kids 1k
For a while now, my 9 year old Son Tyson has expressed his interest in running and has asked me quite a few times if he can run a race.  I kept putting him off and had every excuse in the book to not get out there with him... "I have a race this month, so next month we can start training", "it's too hot, so once it cools down, we can start".  When really, the truth was I didn't want his training to interfere with MY training...  Selfish, much? :(

Since September, my "season" was officially over, I had nothing to "train" for and my mileage had been cut big time due to the Nike study... I was bummed out and really wasn't enjoying running like I usually did.  I blamed it on the Nike minimalist shoes that I am doing the study for, but I really had no desire to run, at all.

A few weeks back a friend asked me if I wanted to do a 12k with her... I could pull that off so it wouldn't mess up my Nike mileage and it would be fun to do a race again!  YES, I'm IN! She had a discount that would give $8 off each entry and as I'm signing up my husband said he would like to do the 5k. As I keep looking, I see they have a special rate of only $18 for kids under 18 and with the $8 discount that would only be $10 for Tyson...  light bulb... I should sign up Tyson!  So I did... but I didn't tell him.

Next day I asked if he wanted to go on a run with me... of course, his answer was "YES!" We went slow, took a few walk breaks and ended up walking/running 3 miles.  We chatted the whole time and he told me all about his school, friends, teachers, recess and some random-ness (of course). 

Tyson is the typical talk to much about random-ness, acts like he knows it all 9 year old boy AND he has 2 younger siblings that require a LOT of attention from me... so needless to say, he doesn't get the attention that he needs and deserves from me on a daily basis.  But just spending this 30ish minutes of just him and me on the the pavement (in the rain), I was spending quality 1 on 1 time with him while doing something he knows I love... That sparked a connection between us that I cannot explain, but I know he "gets it".

I asked him the next day if he wanted to run a 5k and he was ecstatic!  He couldn't wait to get back out and start "training".  Now, we go out 3 days a week and run at least 3 miles... The whole run, he talks all about his day at school, his friends and of course, there is some random-ness... But I feel like I am getting to know my son more and more each day. 

As soon as he gets home from school, he's asking when we are going running...  Its so cute to see him in his running clothes and grab his fuel belt with his quench gum and his iPod to get out there are hang with his Mom!  It's a special gift that I get to share this with him and I hope its something that he will want to continue and something that we can do and share together for a long time! :) So proud of my little runner-man!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nike Study - Week #1 (AKA, Hell Week)

So there is not much going on right now in my running life, except my Nike Research Study.  I have spent the last few Monday’s at the Nike Lab getting my feet measured, my running and walking gate analyzed (from the same machine that I had to wait for LeBron James to finish using… Yes, His famous foot goo touched mine!), and my ankle strength measured.  My legs have been  colored on with sharpies and little metallic dots have been stuck all over my legs, belly and back and I run around and around a teeny tiny track with a million camera’s taking my picture as I run past.  WEIRD!
So the study officially started on October 1st, I get my pace sheet and my 10-week training workout plan.  This requires an IQ of 4.2 billion and a master’s degree in mathematics or something… It seriously takes me more time to figure out what pace and how long I am supposed to be running instead of actually running.  2x100-600-800m at 97% VO2, 1:67… HUH?!?! I honestly had to download a MPH pace sheet so I could figure out what speed I needed to go for my Vo2 Pace... bladdy, blah! ;)
Nike Workout ~ Week #1
My Nike Free's... Complete with the non-removable awesome black velcro dots only on the 1 shoe for easy attaching of the metallic dots! AWESOME, huh?!?! ;)
I just completed the first week in my Nike Free Runs 3.0, I have re-named this the “Hell Week.”  I have never been in so much pain from running in my LIFE!  My entire left side from by lower back, down my butt to my calves is so incredibly sore that even walking is hard!  I checked “Dr. Google” and shockingly enough, you are supposed to “ease” into more minimalist shoes instead of just busting out 20 miles your first week in them… but I guess Nike dude didn’t get that memo!
I went to lab again on Monday, fully intending to tell the Nike Dude ALL my issues with the shoes and get some advice…  All I got was “Let us know when you fill out the survey, but can you run today?” ummm… OK, Yes… I will hobble around the track with my belly hanging out and little sticky things all over me so you to take pictures of my running form… all for research (and free stuff)! ;) 

Starting week 2 today and PRAYING that my body soon accepts these new shoes and my new running style and the pain lessens with each step.  I’ll let’cha know!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Trip to Medford for the Rogue Run Half Marathon

About 3 months ago, my Sister Theresa told me that she wanted to start running and do a race... I talked her into a half to start things off... and I also picked the race for us to do together. She lives in Medford so the Rogue Run sounded like the perfect fit!

Sportin' our new shirts for the fam!
We planned on leaving early on Friday to head to Medford since it’s a 4 hour (5 with kids) long drive. But we got delayed as usual and ended up leaving around 2. We ended up getting to Medford around 7 that night so it was perfect to get a quick soak in the hot tub and hang out for a bit and then head to bed. The next morning, we dinked around in the backyard all morning.  The kids did some fossil digging and then headed to the Rogue River to do some gold panning. We all had a blast digging in the river for tiny gold flakes that we started calling "ORLANDO!!" (My Mom planned a trip to Disneyworld while we were there). Theresa and I left the river early to hit the packet pickup and get our goodies. Only to find out this has to be the BEST race swag EVER... I FINALLY got a tech shirt that I will wear (I’m wearing it right now ;), a Kleen Kanteen, and a super cute LuLu Lemon bag along with a bunch of other goodies. We got home, started carbo-fest dinner... Whole Wheat Spaghetti and Bubble Balls (meatballs wrapped in bread, mmmmm) hung out for a bit and then headed to bed around 9.
Surprisingly, I slept really well, even though I had all 3 kids in the room in a different bed and a different place... But we woke up at 6 for race day... Showered and headed to the fairgrounds to be bused to the starting line. The whole bus ride was freeway... and the whole way, the trail ran by the freeway.  It was so fun to see the distance that 13 miles really is!
They finally tell us to get in our pace groups... I go halfway between 9/mm and 10/mm, thinking these are the 9:30'ers and my sister heads off to the "I don’t care" pace group. I actually start crying because I wanted to start the race with my sister, but there was NO way I would find her in the group now. We had talked before and decided we were going "run our own race but see ya at the finish!"
Freezing our fannies off waiting for the race to start!

Mile 1 (8:56): Super Stoked to get going!  We run through a neighborhood for about a half mile then we are on the trail that will lead us back to the fairgrounds.  I remember looking at my watch and telling myself to SLOW DOWN!
Mile 2 (9:07): First Aid station at a park and there were these OLD ladies in Cheerleading outfits doing a cheer for all of us.  It was hilarious!  I kept telling myself to slow down, slow down, slow down… I wanted to do some 9:30’s for the first 10 miles and then still have gas left in my tank to finish strong so I was freaking out that I was going too fast.

Mile 3 (9:16): Finally was able to start slowing it down for these next few miles, I found an older woman that didn’t look like she was working too hard and then paced off her.
Mile 4 (9:28): Ran next to some rivers, and occasionally we could see the freeway and people driving would honk.  So fun!
Grandpa and the kiddos waiting for Mommy and Aunt TT
Mile 5 (9:15): The older lady stopped and walked the next aid station, so I lost my pacer.  I passed a bunch of people at the aid station and then found a group of guys to stay behind… Until one dude kept blowing snot rockets and I got scared he was gonna hit me with one… So I passed them right quick!
Mile 6 (9:12): Got a text from the family that they were waiting for us.  I didn’t know where but I got really excited to see the kiddos… I have never seen then on the course, just at the finish so I was really excited!
HI Guys! Just what I needed!
Mile 7 (9:21): Turned the corner and saw Tyson clapping and yelling at me… I was so excited and he ran with me for a while.  My Mom and Dad, My Sister’s boyfriend, Hubby and the kiddos were all there to cheer me on… It was so awesome!  Except that Evelyn did not like that Mommy kept running past her and started screaming L poor daddy!  Another aid station with Animal Crackers (Weird, but good) and I was re-energized from the family visit and feeling good!
Tyson ran with Aunt TT for a while!
Mile 8 (9:30): I remember this as the only part of the race that had a hill, and some weird turns so I felt like I kinda lost my groove on this mile, but the mascots and people cheering on the side of the road really kept me going!
Mile 9 (9:14): Another Aid Station, with Mario high-five and some M&M’s gave me another boost because I was starting to get really tired!
Mile 10 (8:59): This is where I told myself before the race that I was going to pick up the pace… So I did… and this mile HURT… Couldn’t seem to get my breathing right, I had a stupid blister that was starting to hurt and my legs were HEAVY…  But I knew I could do it… there was only a 5k left!  I heard honking coming from the freeway and looked up to the see the family in the Minivan waving! That meant they were heading to the finish line… YAY!
Mile 11 (9:00): I was still hurting and came to another aid station.  I didn’t get the electrolytes on accident so I decided to take some fruit snacks.  It seemed like everyone had turned up the speed at this mile because we all were really breathing hard.  Mile 11.5 was the table of temptation…  Wine shots and chocolate truffles… I did the wine shot, but passed on the truffles… NOT a good idea… My tummy started to hurt after that wine.  But I remember looking at my Garmin and saying to myself “You’re gonna do this… You’re gonna beat your sub-2 goal, so don’t slow down and don’t quit!”
Mile 12 (8:53): I felt like my lungs and legs were on fire… My blister on my foot was SCREAMING at me but I just kept looking at my watch, figuring out the math and telling myself “one more mile”
YES!!! THE FINISH LINE... and yes, I am totally looking at the clock! ;)
Mile 13 (8:52): Turned off the trail and onto the main road to head back to the fairgrounds…  And there was gravel.  Gravel and I are NOT friends and I immediately trip on a huge rock and almost fall over.  I hear people behind me gasp cuz they were sure I was going down!  It hurt a little, but thankfully I didn’t twist my ankle or anything.  The gravel was short and then onto to main road to the finish.  The streets were lined with volunteers every 50 feet or so, clapping and cheering us on…Those volunteers are the only thing that kept me going, I felt like I couldn’t breathe, my legs were DONE and my blister was huge… I was DONE! But I turned a corner and saw the finish line, looked at my watch and went for it… I sprinted to that finish line and crossed the first timing mat right at the clock ticked 2:00:00 (1:59:48 officially)
I ran right into my Hubby, and instantly started crying… I got my medal and sat down on the curb as quick as I could. Evelyn was there and she was still a little pissed about the running by her incident so she was pretty clingy and not too happy with me.  I sat on that curb for a while but then I needed to pee, so I got up and headed to the bathroom.  On my way over there, my Dad tells me that Theresa just texted and she is at mile 12. 
Theresa at the Finish Line! A great place to be!!!

She was speeding to the finish, faster than anyone (mainly herself) had thought, so I hurry up and go pee.  I got back to the finish line, just in time to see her coming down the Shute to cross the finish line in 2:29:48, AMAZING!  I cannot believe how well she did for her first race, with only 10 weeks of training!  My sister rocked her first half! I got an e-mail from her not 24 hours after the race, asking me to make her a new training schedule to help her get faster for her next race…  can you say, addict!?!?!?! ;) YAY!  I cannot WAIT to do another race with her and watch her continue her running journey!
The Rouge Run is one of those races that I will do EVERY year that I can!  It had it all… awesome swag, awesome course, awesome volunteers… Awesome everything! J

Friday, September 14, 2012

Warrior Dash

Better late than never... right?

So, Warrior Dash in 1 word.. NUTS!

I was not sure what to expect when my friend convinced me to sign up last October (yes, almost a year before the event) but I knew there was some cool people participating, it was gonna be fun, it would be something I have never done before and it was gonna be dirty... But I quickly learned how cool the people were participating and I learned it was the most fun I have EVER had being dirty!!  And I am sooooooo doing it again next year!

The Warrior Crew... Clean, Excited and ready to get Dirty!
Like I said, I had NO IDEA what to expect.  But we already decided that we were trotting this.... no winning or PR's for this group... it was all about laughing and having fun... and WE DID!

We walked up some pretty good hills the first half-mile or so and then we started to hit the obstacles. Started off with a nice dip in a lake and over some "logs" to get us nice and wet and ready to get dirty...
Then the obstacles really started coming... We climbed and jumped over walls and logs, rolled and crawled under barbed wire, climbed over cars driving below, got slapped in the face with elastic, down into fox-holes and over cargo nets, Jumped over fire and trudged through the "Perfect" Mud all to get a cool medal and say "we survived" Warrior Dash!
FIRE at the starting line
Over the Logs in the Lake

Over the Wall and Under the Barbed Wire
Cargo Net.. How I hate thee!

Muddy Slip and Slide
Jumping over the fire!

After all the Shenanagins... we cleaned off in the lake and had some beer and turkey legs... 
Getting "Clean"

Thursday, September 13, 2012

10 Running Personal Questions

Thanks Another Mother Runner (and Devon for tagging me!)... How fun!

1.  Best Run Ever:  ummm... Every race... but I guess if I have to pick... it would have to be my FIRST race, the Shamrock 15k.  I ran it with my best friend with only 1 goal, to finish.  I knew after it would not be my last race and that I was officially addicted!

2.  3 Words to Describe my Running:  Relaxing: Running is my FAVORITE thing to do...  I am usually alone (no Kids) and I can let my mind relax and just focus on running... not kids, not husband, not life... Just running!  Intimate: Running is my intimate prayer and worship time with my Father in Heaven.  Scheduled: I am a nut when it comes to my running and training schedule.  I have to have every run planned and they all have a purpose.  I don't think I have ever just "Ran"... It's always on the schedule! HA!

3. Go To Running Outfit: Always my Nike Dri-Fit shorts, Nike tank top, My super-awesome fluorescent green Anphipod Hydration belt (don't leave home without it!), Ipod nano, Cell phone, Garmin, Injini toe socks, and of course my Asics Cumulus 12's!

4. Quirky Habit While Running: I tend to get in a groove with my music and start playing air drums or air guitar... I have had many strange looks on my runs.

5.  Morning, Mid-Day, Evening:  I'm NOT a morning person, I would love to sleep in until noon if my kids didn't need me to wake up!  That being said, I am TRYING to be a morning runner,  mid-day is too hard and evening runs never seem to happen with life... so I try to crack it 3 days a week and gym it another morning!

6. I Won't Run Outside when it's: HOT...  I live in Oregon, so it doesn't get hot too often, but when it does, I am a grumpy runner!  I'll take a good run in the pouring rain over sweating my butt off in the sun any day!!!

7: Worst Injury and How I got Over it:  I have Piriformis Syndrome (Self Diagnosed) So my hip and butt hurt baaaad after a run... It sucks but I am doing more strength training, starting Pilates and Icy Hot and Costco sized ibuprofen are this runner's best friend!  Plus, I have a blister problem,  I have tried EVERY sock on the market... but my feet are just weenies and haven't got the memo that they better shape up!

8.  I Felt Most Like a Badass Mother Runner When: I finished my first Half-Marathon in less than my goal time (barely).  And PR'ing (again, barely) in every Half-Marathon since!

9. Next Race is:  The Rogue Run Half Marathon in Medford with my SISTER!  She is doing her first half-marathon and I am SOOOOOO excited for her!

10: Running Goal for 2013:  Complete my first Marathon.  It would be cool if I could bust out a sub-4, but for today... just completing it will do!

Monday, September 3, 2012

What a difference a year makes!

I can honestly say... Running changed my Life!!
1 year ago today (er, Saturday) September 1st is a monumental day for me!  It's the day I decided to quit smoking and start running!  Little did I know that God had a plan for a total transformation and it started with getting me running.

It started simple enough... I needed to quit smoking and I was ready to lose the baby weight.  Evelyn was almost 2 and I was still packin' on a few extra LB's that I was not so fond of...  I hoped running was my solution to hopefully take care of both... Find a healthy outlet to deal with kicking my addiction and lose some weight in the process... PERFECTION!

After starting (and flaking 3 times), I recruited a good friend to start the Couch to 5k with me. On September 21st (I checked my phone app) we started it together.  The first day, we would run for 45 seconds and walk for 90 seconds for a total of 20 minutes... and honestly, I thought I was gonna die at the end of that 45 seconds, how would I ever be able to run for 30 MINUTES?!?!?!?!  But we helped modivate eachother and we kept trugging along, repeating a few weeks once it got harder.  By week 7, I was sick someone telling me when to walk and when to run... and deep down, I knew I could do a 5k if I reeeeally wanted to, but that just wasn't enough for me... I wanted to shoot for something a little harder (OK, actually, I just wanted a cool medal) so on November 9th (again, checked the app), I bagged the couch to 5k and started my own weird training schedule for the Shamrock Run 15k.  Of course, being the great friend that I am (heehee) I signed my partner in crime up as well and told her it was her birthday present (yes, she DOES still talk to me!!)
Shamrock 15k Finishers!
I remember telling people that my first race was going to be the Shamrock 15k and many of them looked at me like I was a little crazy (and I thought the same) since I had never done a race and the 15k course is notorious for the HUGE hills, but I was determined to finish it, without walking for myself and to kinda prove people wrong.  On March 18th, I finished the Shamrock 15k in 1:42:35 (11:01 Pace), I didn't die, I didn't walk and I got a really cool medal (or beer bottle opener) at the finish... From that point forward, I knew I was ADDICTED!

I think on the way home from the Shamrock, I told my friend that I wanted my next race to be a half-marathon... my thought was, if I can run 9.3 miles, I can surely do another 4 and make it a half-marathon... I heard good things about the Helvetia Half and it would give me 3 months to train for it... I could do that... I signed up ASAP (so I couldn't flake).  
Little did I know, the plan that God had for me while I trained for the Helvetia Half-Marathon... 
First, a little background... I was really depressed... I wanted my Husband to leave me and take my kids away.  I didn't feel like I was a good enough Mom or wife and I didn't deserve them and I really didn't want to "mess them up" by just being around.   But I found that running was the ONLY thing that made me feel somewhat normal and on days that I ran, I felt like I could function a little better as a wife and mom.
In April, I went to Kansas City to the International House of Prayer for the Passion for Jesus Conference.  I went (mainly cuz my husband had paid money... and I don't flake when $ is involved) and during those 4 days, I remember encountering (for the first time) God's Love and Forgiveness for all the stuff I had done in my past and I stood before God, completely broken, confused and exhausted... He forgave me and I was a new person!! That's when He decided He finally had something to work with and began a total transformation in me...  all I knew that I could do anything that I set my mind to... because I had the "Big Guy" on my side.
One of my Fav places on the Earth... IHOP.

Coming home from this trip, I had a renewed determination for training for my half-marathon and new-found love for running.  I found that when I ran, I could really feel God's presence with me.  I would spend my run singing worship songs, praying (sometimes for new legs!) and just enjoying his presence.  This was my alone time with God and I was loving it!

June 9th, I completed the Helvetia Half-Marathon in 2:10:28 (9:57 Pace) and was greeted by my Family and Best Friend at the finish line.  That was one of the happiest and
most proud days I have ever had! 
Helvetia Half-Marathon Finisher!
I look back and I cannot believe how much my life has changed in the last year.  I have been set free (obviously) from my smoking addiction, my severe depression, my fears of being a bad wife and mother, the regret from some past decisions that I have made in my life, and my fear of people and their thoughts about me (this is a work in progress) and through running, I have gained new friendships, started coming out of my introverted shell more, and I do something that not many people do in their lifetime.  I know this is just the beginning for me and I can't wait to see where God will take me in the coming years!
Running is more than just a hobby for me... It my quiet time (and with 3 kids, the ONLY quiet time I get) and my special time with God.  It's my Mommy alone time, a time for just me, to push my body and do something that I enjoy and that is good for me!  I am so incredibly thankful for the gift of running and how God uses it to help me be who he wants me to be!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I feel...!

I dont know what's up with me lately... but I think I have hit my first running funk...  I don't look forward to my runs, they drag on FOREVER, I cannot even think about busting out anything over 8 miles, I am actually dreading my next race... My poopy attititude about running is showing up in other areas too...  Poor kids are getting blasted with my short fuse (1 more week till school starts), Poor Hubby thinks i'm PMS'ing, I find myself eating crap (proof is in the waistline) and drinking more often than I should (as I sit here with a glass of Chardonnay) and just overall feeling funky!

I used to look forward to getting up and busting out 6+ miles... not lately... anything over that is just not happening!  But I have had some soreness (in my left side a$$ and hip) and after doing a little research found it's pretty common from carrying my offspring on my left hip... but it has been making running any distance pretty uncomfrotable the last few weeks.

Runs are usually God and me, pump up some good Misty Edwards to get the worship flowing and God and I can spend some good quality time together... but lately, Misty aint doin it for me! Actually  the ONLY run I enjoyed this week was 5ish miles with my new (kinda) friend (through running) Krisi.  Poor thing had her ear blabbed off the whole run, but it was actually enjoyable having someone to talk to!

I am DREADING my 13 mile training run this weekend, and I probably will find a way to flake out on it!  I dunno WHY do I need to run 13 miles... only cuz my stoopid training thing says to... ya, ya... blah, whatev!

But I WANT my passion and love for running back, I want to have that connection with my Father, where I can chat away and he just listens...  I want to have that joyful glow about me that inspires others...  UGH! What do I do?!?!?!

1. I have been reading the Run Like a Mother and Train Like a Mother books.  They are HILARIOUS but have some good tips and info! (lemme know if you wanna borrow them ;)

2. I am gonna attend a "Run the Edge" seminar with Tim Catalano and Adam Goucher (if Kara is there I am TOTALLY gonna pee myself) on Saturday with Devon (who inspires me... so maybe she will help de-funkify me ;)

3. I am losing sleep and obsessing over starting a "running group" in the Tanasbourne area... I am hoping there are some other peeps out there that could use a running buddy, some motivation and a swift kick in the pants... like I think I do!

4. Praying for patience and wisdom...  I feel like I am in the desert lately... but I know that it's for something good... but... UGH... This sucks!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Every Girls Half Marathon

To "bed" at 10:00, actually "fall asleep" around 12:30, little person in my bed around 2:00, moving little wiggly person to her own bed around 3:00, "try" to go back to sleep until 4:00, until I give up and roll out of bed...  At least I have time to eat something and take a shower before I need to leave for the race at 5:15.  I get to run a half today... on MAYBE 2 hours sleep, yippee!

My Running Buddy, Alix comes to get me around 5:15, and we drive to the Sleep Country Ampitheatre in Ridgefield, Washington for my 3rd and her 1st Half-Marathon.  I am tired but EXCITED!!

We get there, like an hour early, they are still blowing up the start/finish line arch, setting up the booths and stuff so we hit the potties and try to get anything that needs to get out before the race out! ;) 

Finally some women start showing up and we talk to the race director a little bit and chat with a few volunteers and pose for some self-shot nerdy pictures of ourselves, hit the "real" potties 2 more times, check our bags and start to head to the start line.  We shoot some more nerdy pics, stretch a little and then we're off.

Mile 1: I had decided earlier this week that I was going to run this race with NO expectations and absolutley NO Garmin. At Lacamas, I obsessed on that stupid watch and got so mad at myself when my pace dropped below 10 minute miles, so I had to get that pressure and distraction off my wrist for this one. I would still use Log My Run for iPhone app, just so I knew my pace later, but I was gonna keep that bad boy shoved in my pack the whole time!  Alix and I and all the 5k'ers and Half-Marathoners are together until right after mile 1 and we split... I keep telling myself... go LEFT!  Starting out slow, easy pace... get the legs moving and not overdo my friend, who hasnt ran in over a month! HA!

Mile 2: We split at the 1 mile mark and there is not a whole lot of Half-marathoners left... couple hundred, maybe!  It was weird to me so see such a small race, but it was nice to see all women.  End of mile 2, Alix decides to walk and I plug in the pod and start off on my own.  Little rolling hills in the countryside are so nice to look at along with all the cows and horses.  It was beautiful and the weather is PERFECT! 

Miles 3-5: Pretty much the same, kept an easy pace, had some good Jesus time, little rolling hills made this run one of my favorites.  It was only a semi-closed course so we were pretty much single file on the side of the road for many of the miles but it was OK.

Miles 6 - 7: Up a pretty good hill, water stop and then down onto a tree lined paved trail with a lake.  This was my favortite part of the race, a nice easy flat trail, there were other people not in the race, walking or running by nodding hello. 

Text to Hub and Kids around mile 9ish.. LOVE YOU! 

Miles 7 - 9: This was an out and back-ish race so we turned around at mile 7 so I could see others behind us.  I took out my ear-buds and cheered on all the ladies coming the other way... "you're almost halfway", "Keep it up", "You look great" and many did the same back.  Women seem to do that for eachother, I think we kinda need a little encouragment and some random chick in the same boat as you telling you "Lookin' good" somehow helps!  Around my mile 9, I see Alix, she is running and she looks good!  I yell and high five her and tell her "see ya soon"

Miles 9 - 10: Up a pretty good hill then again back to the single file line on the roads, at this point me and another lady (I think her name was Angela) had been pretty much been back and forth keeping pace with eachother since about mile 9ish and we kinda chatted off and on.  Nothing special happened here... Just plugging away, feeling really good at this point in the race which I NEVER have felt this good at mile 10... So I decide to kick it up a little.

Mile 11: Up another decent hill and Angela and are are still pretty much together.  We pass a little girl who was maybe 8 years old running with her Mom.  So cute, I of course have to tell her she is...  i think that's pretty awesome and it also stung a little... an 8 year old has been Waay faster than me for almost 11 miles!

Mile 12: Turn the corner and UP the hill... This one is a good one... Gets the legs and chest burning.  Angela says to me "you are the BEST hill runner I have ever seen, if I could only keep up with you"  WOW, that's a shock, cuz I feel like my legs are not even moving, but they are and she quickly ends up behind me! I tell her "go girl, we're almost done! See you at the end" and I keep going.  My legs hurt, I can barely breathe but I am feeling good and still going.  1 more mile, so i'm gonna make it count.  Hit the top of the hill onto another trail and a cute teenager points to the right, to the trees... I am confused... The trail continues on going straight and she is pointing me into the trees?!  Ok!  I hit the little tiny trail, covered in pink tape to highlight the braches and roots sticking out.  Then all the sudden, its' over!

Mile 13: Come out of the woods and back on the road, volunteers are yelling and telling me "less than a mile"  WHOOOOOOP!  I kick it in gear...  weeeeee! Go through the frnt entrance to the ampitheatre and down to the start/finish line.  The whole way down, people are cheering, ringing cowbells and the announcer is yelling "here comes Erica Endicott, looking good with a big smile"  I finished at 2:08:42. 

I was hoping for a 2:05 and I know I could have pushed harder and maybe got there, but no regrets, I felt good the whole race, finished strong and had a blast!

So I knew I had some time to kill before Alix finished, so I hit up the best part of this race... ICE CREAM and Chocolate milk at the finish! AWESOME!

Next, I started shopping to kill the time...(I, er Hubby has decided that I will no longer be allowed to bring my Debit card to races) Sarah Bowen Shea from Another Mother Runner was there too, signing books and selling stuff, so I chatted with her for a few, bought both books and an "I Run Things" shirt.  Went to go pick up my bag from bag check and got stopped by the pretty awesome saleslady from Sweet Spot Skirts who wrapped a SUPER cute skirt (Diamond are a Girls Best Friend) around my waist and had me sold before I could ask the price (which I should have first, OUCH)

Got a text from Alix, she was on the trail... So she was at the home stretch so I head to the finish line to cheer her in.  A few minutes later, she turns the corner with the BIGGEST smile I have ever seen on her!  I start yelling "You're number 1" (She really was bib #1) and watched her cross the finish line and then, of couse, started bawling.   

She's comin round the bend, in the orange shorts... I made a movie after this pic instead!
This was one of my favorite races to date, (mainly because of the lack of hills ;), but it was a small race, and it being only women was super cool. I would totally do it again (even without a Groupon but of course with my Garmin, and NOT my credit card) 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Frugal Junkie

So I have recently discovered 2 things about myself...

1. I am a junkie when it comes to races and running...
2. I CANNOT pass up a dicount, groupon or a good deal when it comes to races...


It started when there was a Zozi coupon for a color run for $22... It was only a 5k, but I really wanted to do a color run and I knew I could talk a few friends into doing it with me.  It was kinda lame, more of a hike, $10 to park and had to dodge horse poop occasionally on the trail, but overall it was really fun... mainly cuz I got to hang with 2 really good friends and get covered in colored corn starch. 

So Much Fun! CMY5K

I get daily emails from Sharing Spree, Living Social and I just cancelled Groupon emails (I dont believe in what they support) but randomly an email got through to me for Every Girls Half-Marathon for only $35.. OMG, WHAT?!  So I called my running (not so much anymore) buddy and told her I was "DYING" and "Hubby is gonna KILL ME" and she said "I'm TOTALLY gonna do it" OK...and that was it... done deal! I supported Groupon one last time and I will be running Half-Marathon #3 in 72 days on Sunday!

And with the 3 half-marathons in 72 days... I will be qualified at the Neptune level for the Half Fanatics...  A nerd club that supports being a half-marathon junkie! AWESOME!

Friday, August 3, 2012

"You're a Runner, right?"

I guess I must have made "real runner status" since it seems like everyone is coming out of the woodwork asking me for advice (HA), training info and of course... sharing some good races I need to do!

I have been going to LA Fitness almost every weekday for the last 8 months or more. One of the sitters in the kids club, Sandra, is the sweetest lady and has named herself "grandma" to the kids in the kids club.  Whenever I come in to drop-off or pick up, she is always reading a story with kids all over her lap or snuggling a fussy baby... she is just one of those ladies that the kids just love!  We have talked, but mostly about the kids, but she has randomly mentioned to me a few times "You have really muscular legs..." and I'm like "umm... Thanks... guess all that running is finally paying off"  Well just yesterday, she starts talking about the Race for the Cure and how she is thinking about doing it and if I am going to do it and I was caught off guard.  I was like "cool, you should... that's awesome" (thinking it was a walk thing).  She caught that I was puzzled and was like "you're a runner, and you do races, right?" "Oh YES, I do..." (DUH)!  We continued to talk about the race for the cure and she asked me about my running and I told her I am mostly just doing half-marathons and she told me about her races that she has done in the past. The next morning, she welcomes me by telling me she was thinking about me this morning on her run...  and then how she wants advice on how to train for a half.  AWESOME... and kinda crazy!

A friend/neighbor that I havent talked to much since they moved sent me a message on Facebook titled "You're a runner, right? Can you help me breathe and run at the same time and not die after 10 minutes cuz I really want to learn how to run distance." FUNNY!  So we are going to meet up next week and do some running together and then I will probably help her make a training schedule and all that...

Hopefully I have some good wisdom to share... even if most of it is from picking other "runners" brains and of course, learning from my mistakes.  It's fun to "be a runner" I always wanted to a runner and now I feel like I actually am one. 

I totally want this (even though I would never wear it!)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Lacamas Lake Half Marathon

I thought I was ready! But once I parked the car, peed and stepped on the field (with only 10 minuted to spare, eek) the nerves creeped in and I wanted to go home... I was tired, my legs were sore (stupid stairmaster) and I did NOT want to run 13.1 today.  Thanksfully, I didn't have time to let the nerves get the best of me... It was time to line up in the corrals.  I was so distracted, that I ended up in the 2:15 group... NO WAY! 

Ready to head to the start...

 See ya in a few hours!

Mile 1: Once I hit the 1 mile sign, I saw a potty... so I hit it to be proactive (since the line was like 13 miles long at the field)

Mile 2: This lake is PRETTY, so nice houses that I want to live in... wait... RUN! Water stop and Gel, what?! already?

Mile 3, I got this... I feel good, my legs are loose and God's with me... oh wait, heres a hill... But I got this, its not that bad...

Mile 4: Going downhill, feeling GREAT... Easy pace 9:15ish

Mile 5: Beautiful and totally flat... just us runners and the cows... MOOOO! .

Mile 6: I see the leader heading back and cheer the leaders on as I go.  6.25, another STOOPID hill and this one HURT, I broke down and walked (mainly cuz a truck was on the road and I didn't wanna get squished by passing him).  Took a Hammer Gel at the top turnaround and headed down the hill, aaah, that's NICE!  Cheering on the others going up the hill on the way down... cuz I know what they were feeling... BLAH!  I know Hubby and Evie are heading out for their 4-miler in a few so I text and wish them luck! (Wish I could have seen them start)

Ready to Roll! (Dang, she's cute!!!)

Mile 7: Down by the golf course, really pretty views of hills and trees, God's creation and said a prayer cuz my legs were starting to hurt a little. 

Mile 8: Water and Gel station before the TRAIL... 6 miles of trail, uneven gravel and mud... YUK, NOT a fan!  My legs are starting to hurt bad...  I should have slowed down at the beginning... I KNEW I was going too fast and I still have 5 to go! UGH!

Mile 9: Thank God the trails were pretty scenery, cuz I dont like running on gravel.  The group really opened up and I was running pretty much alone. 

Mile 10: Time to Hammer again, nursed this one for almost this whole mile until the water stop!  My legs are SHOT.  3 to go.

Mile 11: Hammer helped, felt OK kept my slow pace, 10:10ish. As long as I finish

Mile 12: I took a picture of the mile marker, cuz I was sooooooooooooo excited!  Little did I know, the last mile would be the worst! Turned the corner and saw it... the LEG KILLER HILL... I rolled my eyes and started walking, forget it... not EVEN gonna try...  horrible!

Mile 13: Finished the dang hill and saw the field again... what a lovely sight! got on the track and saw everyone, Isaac, Tyson, Nathan and Evelyn, My Mom and Dad and Grandma Katie.  They were ringing bells and yelling "GO MOMMY".  I started crying and couldnt WAIT to get around that turn to cross the finish line and hug my family.  AMAZING. 

Finished at 2:09:40 - NOT my goal at ALL, but I will take it!

So I chugged some Nuun, layed on the field for a few then we hung out, watched some more people finish, bounced in the bouncy house, spinny-win-win (spun the wheel for prizes) and waited for the kids race at 10:30.

The 1k kids race was sooooooo much fun! All the kids got medals at the end.  Totally worth the crappy hills to see the joy on my kids faces when they got medals put on their necks! PRICELESS!
Nater ran "too fast" and fell.. :(

So we all ran together... and held mr. uncoordinated's (Nater's) hands

Then TyTy zoomed past us...  I LOVE this pic!!! 

And they all got bling!

One of my FAVORITE family days ever...  would have been perfect without those hills... oh well!

We WILL be back next year!!! LOVED this race!

So INCREDIBLY thankful, joyful and happy that so many important people were there for support during the race.  We recruited Grandma Katie to watch the kiddos while Isaac and I ran, but the best thing was having my Mom and Dad there.  It felt so good to have a support crew and people I loved there to share this experience with.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy Mommy...

It cracks me up that almost a year ago, going to the gym or working out would piss me off and would be something I dreaded...

Summer is ROUGH for me with ALL 3 kids ALL the time... not to mention playdates, trips to the park and summer-y fun stuff to get in the way of "my schedule" and make it hard for me to get to the gym or to hit the pavement everyday.  But I learn more and more that by taking that time to myself to run or hit the gym is not just helping me keep most of the fat off (I eat like CRAP) it helps me stay happy and SANE and that ultimately leads me to be a better wife, mommy, child of God and person overall!

Keeping a happy, sane, less grumpy Mommy and Wifey is good for all!  "Hey babe... Mind if I go for a run now?" Hubby, "OF COURSE, take your time!"

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Welcome to the team

Confession... I get kinda nerdy excited when I hear that someone has started running, has a plan to start running, or is just thinking about starting running... it get all excited for them and just start blabbing about how awesome it is, and how you will love it, and you will get addicted... I probably freak them out! ;)
Recently, my Sister sent me the sweetest text "Ok, you have motivated me... lets run something together in September" I motivated someone? OMG, WOW!  She was thinking 5k, but I talked her into a half-marathon (told her she can walk) So I got to take her to Fit Right and PRC to get some new running shoes and socks, create a training schedule for her and share all my "wisdom" that I have learned over the last year.  It was so fun and I cannot WAIT to run the Rogue Run with my Seester! :)

Super Stoked cuz my hubby has been a little envious of my medals hanging on my saide of the bed and none on his that he decided to run Lacamas Lake with me!  The WHOLE family is gonna run in this race...  Isaac and Evie are doing the 4 miler, I am doing the half and Tyson and Nathan are gonna do the 1k kids dash!  I am so excited that we are going to do this as a family and I can't wait for more races in the futire with my family and hopefully eventually seeing my kids running!
And then on Sunday, I was at a BBQ and was talking with a friend and she told me she started the couch to 5k a few weeks back and just recently signed up for a 5k race in September.  So excited for her!  I blabbed and blabbed and we decided next summer we're gonna do a race together... Wee-haw!
My hope and prayer for every person that I have inspired, someone else has inspired or who has made a decision on their own to start running that they feel like they are joining a team.  It's kinda funny how a common passion for running can bring people into your life that you may have never known otherwise and create an instant friendship.  :)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Its all meaningless...

The past few weeks my long runs kept getting crappier and harder and I havent had the passion and desire to run like... Last week, 13 miles on the schedule turned into 11.5, this week, 13 turned into 11 and the SLOWEST pace EVER for me!  I walked at least 2 of those miles (which I rarely do).  I remember praying, "God, please just get me home... running." Selfish, much?
I got home, chugged some Nuun, took a shower and layed down feeling defeated... God didn't help me, I had to walk and I asked him to get me home... Why doesn't he listen when I need him? Then came all the questions and self-doubt.  Why do I run anyway... I SUCK... I'm never gonna be any good at it... some people were just born to run and I am not one of them... yadda-yadda-yadda! I remember a sermon not too long ago that the devil comes in when you say I can't... takes that to the Father and says "SEE, she said she can't do it!" She doesn't have faith... Nothing hurts the Father more than saying "I can't"

I CAN...  Through Christ, who strengthens me.  He certianly got me home, maybe just not the way I wanted him to... but how HE wanted me to!  Humbling me...  Its OK to walk sometimes, it's OK if your not the best, it's OK if you do worse at your next race than you did the last, its OK!  He has me right where he wants me... and HE will be the one to take me where he wants me with my running.

Then it came to me, Its all meaningless... Medals, PR's, My desires... (I just finished reading Ecclesaites ;) if I am not doing it to glorify my God...  I had become so worried about shaving minutes off my time, logging more miles each week, and training for the next race that I have forgotten WHY I run, to pray, worship and seek Jesus!  DUH!  Thankful for the fresh revelation... can't wait to run on Monday, with a fresh perspective and renewed love for running!  God's Good!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Me... Blog... WHAT?

So I decided to start blogging.. WHAT?!?!?!  Soooooo not me! But somewhat selfishly, I wanted to record my highs and lows, good and bad, and growing my relationship with my God through running so I can look back and see where I was "way back when"!  As of date, I have 2 races on the books and feel like I am just starting my training.  So, the journey begins! :)