Friday, September 14, 2012

Warrior Dash

Better late than never... right?

So, Warrior Dash in 1 word.. NUTS!

I was not sure what to expect when my friend convinced me to sign up last October (yes, almost a year before the event) but I knew there was some cool people participating, it was gonna be fun, it would be something I have never done before and it was gonna be dirty... But I quickly learned how cool the people were participating and I learned it was the most fun I have EVER had being dirty!!  And I am sooooooo doing it again next year!

The Warrior Crew... Clean, Excited and ready to get Dirty!
Like I said, I had NO IDEA what to expect.  But we already decided that we were trotting this.... no winning or PR's for this group... it was all about laughing and having fun... and WE DID!

We walked up some pretty good hills the first half-mile or so and then we started to hit the obstacles. Started off with a nice dip in a lake and over some "logs" to get us nice and wet and ready to get dirty...
Then the obstacles really started coming... We climbed and jumped over walls and logs, rolled and crawled under barbed wire, climbed over cars driving below, got slapped in the face with elastic, down into fox-holes and over cargo nets, Jumped over fire and trudged through the "Perfect" Mud all to get a cool medal and say "we survived" Warrior Dash!
FIRE at the starting line
Over the Logs in the Lake

Over the Wall and Under the Barbed Wire
Cargo Net.. How I hate thee!

Muddy Slip and Slide
Jumping over the fire!

After all the Shenanagins... we cleaned off in the lake and had some beer and turkey legs... 
Getting "Clean"

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