Thursday, September 13, 2012

10 Running Personal Questions

Thanks Another Mother Runner (and Devon for tagging me!)... How fun!

1.  Best Run Ever:  ummm... Every race... but I guess if I have to pick... it would have to be my FIRST race, the Shamrock 15k.  I ran it with my best friend with only 1 goal, to finish.  I knew after it would not be my last race and that I was officially addicted!

2.  3 Words to Describe my Running:  Relaxing: Running is my FAVORITE thing to do...  I am usually alone (no Kids) and I can let my mind relax and just focus on running... not kids, not husband, not life... Just running!  Intimate: Running is my intimate prayer and worship time with my Father in Heaven.  Scheduled: I am a nut when it comes to my running and training schedule.  I have to have every run planned and they all have a purpose.  I don't think I have ever just "Ran"... It's always on the schedule! HA!

3. Go To Running Outfit: Always my Nike Dri-Fit shorts, Nike tank top, My super-awesome fluorescent green Anphipod Hydration belt (don't leave home without it!), Ipod nano, Cell phone, Garmin, Injini toe socks, and of course my Asics Cumulus 12's!

4. Quirky Habit While Running: I tend to get in a groove with my music and start playing air drums or air guitar... I have had many strange looks on my runs.

5.  Morning, Mid-Day, Evening:  I'm NOT a morning person, I would love to sleep in until noon if my kids didn't need me to wake up!  That being said, I am TRYING to be a morning runner,  mid-day is too hard and evening runs never seem to happen with life... so I try to crack it 3 days a week and gym it another morning!

6. I Won't Run Outside when it's: HOT...  I live in Oregon, so it doesn't get hot too often, but when it does, I am a grumpy runner!  I'll take a good run in the pouring rain over sweating my butt off in the sun any day!!!

7: Worst Injury and How I got Over it:  I have Piriformis Syndrome (Self Diagnosed) So my hip and butt hurt baaaad after a run... It sucks but I am doing more strength training, starting Pilates and Icy Hot and Costco sized ibuprofen are this runner's best friend!  Plus, I have a blister problem,  I have tried EVERY sock on the market... but my feet are just weenies and haven't got the memo that they better shape up!

8.  I Felt Most Like a Badass Mother Runner When: I finished my first Half-Marathon in less than my goal time (barely).  And PR'ing (again, barely) in every Half-Marathon since!

9. Next Race is:  The Rogue Run Half Marathon in Medford with my SISTER!  She is doing her first half-marathon and I am SOOOOOO excited for her!

10: Running Goal for 2013:  Complete my first Marathon.  It would be cool if I could bust out a sub-4, but for today... just completing it will do!

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  1. * I love your "go to running outfit" because its like me... 18,000 items :)
    * Where is Dead Butt Syndrome? :)
    * And scheduled training... YOU?? ;)