Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I feel...!

I dont know what's up with me lately... but I think I have hit my first running funk...  I don't look forward to my runs, they drag on FOREVER, I cannot even think about busting out anything over 8 miles, I am actually dreading my next race... My poopy attititude about running is showing up in other areas too...  Poor kids are getting blasted with my short fuse (1 more week till school starts), Poor Hubby thinks i'm PMS'ing, I find myself eating crap (proof is in the waistline) and drinking more often than I should (as I sit here with a glass of Chardonnay) and just overall feeling funky!

I used to look forward to getting up and busting out 6+ miles... not lately... anything over that is just not happening!  But I have had some soreness (in my left side a$$ and hip) and after doing a little research found it's pretty common from carrying my offspring on my left hip... but it has been making running any distance pretty uncomfrotable the last few weeks.

Runs are usually God and me, pump up some good Misty Edwards to get the worship flowing and God and I can spend some good quality time together... but lately, Misty aint doin it for me! Actually  the ONLY run I enjoyed this week was 5ish miles with my new (kinda) friend (through running) Krisi.  Poor thing had her ear blabbed off the whole run, but it was actually enjoyable having someone to talk to!

I am DREADING my 13 mile training run this weekend, and I probably will find a way to flake out on it!  I dunno WHY do I need to run 13 miles... only cuz my stoopid training thing says to... ya, ya... blah, whatev!

But I WANT my passion and love for running back, I want to have that connection with my Father, where I can chat away and he just listens...  I want to have that joyful glow about me that inspires others...  UGH! What do I do?!?!?!

1. I have been reading the Run Like a Mother and Train Like a Mother books.  They are HILARIOUS but have some good tips and info! (lemme know if you wanna borrow them ;)

2. I am gonna attend a "Run the Edge" seminar with Tim Catalano and Adam Goucher (if Kara is there I am TOTALLY gonna pee myself) on Saturday with Devon (who inspires me... so maybe she will help de-funkify me ;)

3. I am losing sleep and obsessing over starting a "running group" in the Tanasbourne area... I am hoping there are some other peeps out there that could use a running buddy, some motivation and a swift kick in the pants... like I think I do!

4. Praying for patience and wisdom...  I feel like I am in the desert lately... but I know that it's for something good... but... UGH... This sucks!

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  1. Oh I have SO been in the funk before! A lot of times when you're racking up lots of miles, it can hit you. I will do my best to get you out of the funk and feeling FUNKY (ok, that was LAME) on Saturday!!!! I want to run 13 this weekend too, when are you running it?