Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy Mommy...

It cracks me up that almost a year ago, going to the gym or working out would piss me off and would be something I dreaded...

Summer is ROUGH for me with ALL 3 kids ALL the time... not to mention playdates, trips to the park and summer-y fun stuff to get in the way of "my schedule" and make it hard for me to get to the gym or to hit the pavement everyday.  But I learn more and more that by taking that time to myself to run or hit the gym is not just helping me keep most of the fat off (I eat like CRAP) it helps me stay happy and SANE and that ultimately leads me to be a better wife, mommy, child of God and person overall!

Keeping a happy, sane, less grumpy Mommy and Wifey is good for all!  "Hey babe... Mind if I go for a run now?" Hubby, "OF COURSE, take your time!"

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